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About us

We are tour operator based in Tanzania with its headquarters in Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. TANZANIA PURE NATURE AND TRAVEL targets the up market travelers, Budget and special interest groups such as students, the physically impaired (People with disabilities), corporate clients and the budget traveler (backpackers).

We utilize natural resources in a sustainable manner for the benefits of present and future generations. We are not the agency that rents guides. We are the guides and we always take care of your satisfactions. Our team of expert staff maintains its professionalism with over 10 years of experience in the Tanzanian tourism industry.

Currently the company is germinating from a little seedling to a small plant. We are proud to report that throughout Tanzania, a variety of communities have been benefiting from the services provided by our company. These achievements encourage the growth of the companies outreach to both international and local communities on different perspectives.

For more information about Tanzania Safari please come accross on SafariBooking.com page as we are represented.

At Wildebeest Trails we are excursions specialist! Tanzania is our only business, the ultimate safari destination! Other companies offer tours to all over Africa and beyond, which inevitably makes them generalists. We specialize in safaris and mountain climbs only to Tanzania! Accordingly, we have devoted all of our energy and resources to becoming the Tanzania experts, so that we can deliver to you the most rewarding experience and finest safari possible.

Flexible Travel: Many companies offer fixed safari departure itineraries, which provide for few choices. We do not. All of our safaris are built around your schedule and not ours. We understand that you demand flexibility and our goal is to provide unlimited choices to meet the requirements of your busy life. You may depart on the day of your choice and for the duration of your choosing.

Personalized Itineraries: Every one of our safaris is custom designed based upon your personal interests and requirements. Many other companies offer set itineraries that utilize the same lodges and visit the same locations regardless of the time of year or customer preferences. You will frequently see itineraries utilizing the same chain lodge in all the parks visited (i.e. Sopa, Wildlife or Serena chains).

A safari vehicle in Tanzania needs to be tough enough to get off the beaten track and deep into the African wilderness, safely and reliably. It needs to be rugged but comfortable and certainly well-maintained. We have a fleet of Toyota Land Cruisers and Land rovers, arguably the toughest vehicles in the bush. They are modern, clean, and in perfect working order. Each has VHF radios, seat belts and roof hatches for each guest; some with a capacity of seven window seats and the others with seating capacity of five window seats.

Next to your safari guide and your itinerary, your safari vehicle can make or break your trip. You don’t want to be limited by a vehicle that can’t take you to the best places for viewing wildlife, nor do you want to lose valuable time on a safari due to breakdowns. These are things you don’t have to worry about when you book a trip with Tanzania Pure Nature and Travels