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Moshi is an idyllic small town on the footsteps of the mighty Kilimanjaro. At an altitude of 800m, nestled between rice and banana fields and endless green mountain slopes, it is the ideal starting point for climbing Kilimanjaro. But even if summiting Kilimanjaro is not on your bucket list, Moshi is well worth a visit. Culture lovers will find treat in one of the nearby Maasai villages or with the guardians of Kilimanjaro, the Chagga people, on their coffee farms. Whereas tranquility and relaxation awaits you at Lake Chala or the Chemka Hot Springs.
1.Shamba (farm) Visiting. (It’s free of charge. You don’t need to contribute any thing) In many Farms around grow different types of bananas. Coffee tree, Sugar canes potatoes etc. For bananas some are used for food (cooking main dishes), others are used as fruits (sweet bananas) and the rest are used for making Local Brew (mbege). In other words I can say some are used for domestic consumption and others for business local brew making. We also have animals like cows, goats, sheep, chicken and pig for food and business, dog and cat; they also grow different types of fruits for food, eaten while fresh from the Farm.
2. A Visit to Traditional Chagga House: The family that owns the house charges 5$ for the house maintenance and their daily needs. It is very old hut of about 120 yrs since built. It is purely Chagga traditional house. It is built by bush poles, banana fibers which ere locally available. The hut contains only one door, neither windows nor ventilation. The whole family used to live there including their livestock (cows, goats, sheep, chicken etc). They also cook inside by using firewood and three stones fire. The house is so smoky and still in use. The upstairs is used for keeping Bananas from their own farm to ripe then used as fruits or making local brew (mbege). It is also used as a store for keeping hoes, bush knives, maize, beans, etc. It is also used for keeping fire wood to dry for their future use.
3. Walking around in the village By walking around in the Village get some experience with Chagga people on Tradition, Culture and Customs.( this requires a guide) meeting with the natives who lives under the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro the highest Mountain in Africa and the second highest Mountain in the world. Their mother tongue is Chagga language but they also speak Kiswahili as our second and school Language and English as our colonial language. Their main cash crop is coffee and staple is banana. According to the history the first coffee was planted in 1898 by missionaries. It has been replaced time to time by our parents to this moment. While walking in the village can experience a lot.
4. Participating on Local Brew Preparation ( Chagga Banana beer ) After the working hours, some one may decide to refresh the way he or she prefers. One can go for a beer, others soft drinks, wines, watching TV, play games etc. Most of the chagga people use their traditional drink. This is their traditional drink just like other peoples drinks wine, bear, Whisky, Soda etc. They prefer it mostly due to cost cheep to purchase. It is sold in many areas around the village. Apart from it being used for refreshment daily, It is also very important for Chagga people in some occasions like Weeding, Birthdays, Traditional events, Graduations, Fund raising, Sendoff parties and etc.
5. Coffee Excursion. (He who does explanation requires USD 5) In this visit you will get enough explanation on how coffee is grown from its zero age to when it is used as a drink. They have all facilities to help with lesson reinforcement. The explanation takes about one hour.
6. Visit Traditional pot Making Centre: There is a group of women who makes pots for cooking. Some of these pots are used by themselves, some sold in the market to raise their income. These are good cooking utensils used by most of the people in the area. They cook for quit short time and the pot lasts for long. The prices are reasonable and affordable for people in the community.
7. National Parks:We also organize day trips to lake challa, Marangu water falls, ngorongoro crater, arusha national park, tarangire national park and lake manyara, please keep in touch with us and we will organize a memorable day trip for you.

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