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Combination of a wildlife safari with cultural aspect makes your trip to Africa great. Tanzania Pure Nature and Travel is here to make that kind of a mixture so your trip becomes more amazing. There are a lot of wildlife and cultural destinations that Tanzania has to offer and Einoti Safaris Safaris will take you to where your soul is. As the destinations are many and may not be possible to land everywhere due to time and budget limit, we can tailor your plans to make one program possible for the combination.

Hundreds of itineraries can be made for this combination, below is a sample of what we can offer but feel free to let us know your thoughts so we may plan together. Tanzania has more than 120 tribes and everyone has its culture. This makes a huge pot to pick what one wishes. As it’s not possible to get into everyone’s culture, those tribes that are in the route of your travel itinerary sounds great. We will incorporate that. We also arrange Home Stays and can be included in your itinerary. its always a real adventure safari ….. you will enjoy it.

BUSHMEN: There are people who live in the forest near Lake Eyasi called “Bushmen” They live like ancient man depending on gathering fruits, hunting animals and live in caves or forest. They don’t wear clothes. The cultural tourism visit to this area will enable you to see them. Natural walking is taking place around the area. The tour takes two/three nights and there are five campsites which can offer accommodation.

MAASAI: Those wishing to incorporate an insightful cultural element into their safari may wish to include a day spent with the Maasai people close to Lake Manyara, as well as a day with the Hadzabe.

Where possible, we aim to ensure that the local Maasai guide is not merely a professional group leader who has migrated away from village life into town to learn English and commerce, but is actually an active member of one of the nearby local communities, someone who still supports his community by means of the techniques that he will be revealing to you.

Walking through the hills with the Maasai is fascinating, particularly if visitors aim to take full advantage of their local guide’s knowledge and to frequently pause and question him. A good dialogue will provide some amazing insights as to how the Maasai derive medicines from the many varied plants; how Maasai social life is ordered by age and what are the respective duties of each group; how the Maasai hold to the belief that all cattle are properly theirs by divine right and how the Morani should be tasked with marauding neighbouring tribes and ‘stealing back’ these cows; how such missions often sadly cause the death of several participants; and a great deal more that – if one is prepared to delve deeply – will reveal a worldview and offer perspectives that contrast very greatly with those of home.

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